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kerala destinations -World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India

kerala destinations -World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India

Kerala's northern coast is far less touristed than the south, which for many is an attraction in it own right. The main draw in this part-Get travel duration, driving direction to Kannur by...

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Efforts to find out new sea routes to India

Gujarat State Board Standard 9 - History English Medium.

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Vasco da gama voyage to India HD


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Shipping Route

Shipping Route from Shanghai, China to Elizabeth, NJ. Lingand Industrial Park to Elizabeth Seaport.

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Vasco da Gama: Portuguese Explorer - Fast Facts | History

Nobleman and explorer Vasco da Gama established a trade route that linked Portugal directly with the Indian spice market. Learn how he managed to sail around Africa's Cape of Good Hope in this...

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Story Map: Vasco Da Gama's First Voyage to India

This Story Map was created as a course project requirement. This Story Map shows the story of how Vasco Da Gama made his first voyage to India. It was created using a host of tools including...

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Discovery of sea route to India.

did anyone of you travelled to India from sea,if your answer is yes. do you know how this route is dicovere? to know the answer watch this video till end. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...

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Ship in Indian ocean HD


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Discovery of the sea route to India

The first trip directly made from Europe to India through the Atlantic Ocean was under the command of the Portuguese navigator and explorer Vasco da Gama, during the reign of Manuel I in 1497–149...

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Sea Route To India - Commodore 64

A text based game where you sail around Africa trying to find a sea passage to India. It's like The Oregon Trail, but with pirates and cannibals.

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The Sea Route to Europe - June 2015

People risking their lives to reach Europe are often called migrants, but the current Mediterranean crisis is primarily a refugee crisis. UNHCR has compiled the most comprehensive data on...

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World Trade Routes 1500


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India cracks open a trade route to Europe that bypasses China

The International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) connecting Mumbai with St Petersburg and beyond – which has been 17 years in the making – is set to be operationalised from...

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Chabahar Port

There are multitude of reasons why Chabahar Port is important for India. The region provides direct access to and connects three regions: Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia. It is also...

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ROUTE OF VASCO DA GAMA ANIMATION ON A MAP Gama, Vasco da (1469?-1524), Portuguese explorer and navigator, who was the first European to reach India by the sea route. Da Gama was born in Sines,...

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Ro Ro Ferry Service In Gujarat India | Sea Route RoRo Terminal From Ghogha To Dahej | Quick Facts#26

Ro Ro Ferry service will start operating in Gujarat from Ghogha , Bhavnagar To Dahej. Watch this video to know more details about ro ro ferry service project in Gujarat (Roll On Roll Off Ferry...

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India is in talks with Iran to begin interim operations at a port in southeast Iran, officials say, proceeding cautiously on developing the facility at a time when the Trump administration...

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Sea Route to Reach India - Gujarati | Iken Edu

Sea Route to Reach India - Gujarati | Iken Edu This module explains about Columbus, Vasco-da-Gama, end of Portugal Rule and Dutch people. For more videos visit https://www.youtube.com/ikenedu...

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Live view of natural beauty of India between Rameshwarm & Madurai... Pamban Bridge linking two lands through rail over sea...

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India operationalises sea trade route to Afghanistan via Chabahar: sends first shipment of Wheat

THANKS FOR WATCHING, PLEASE LIKE ,SHARE & SUBSCRIBE --------------------------------------------------- army merchandise,army insignia,us...

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Horrible Secrets of VASCO DA GAMA || You never known

Vasco da Gama, 1st Count of Vidigueira (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈvaʃku ðɐ ˈɣɐmɐ]; c. 1460s – 24 December 1524), was a Portuguese explorer and the first European to reach India...

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A new sea line was opened between Qatar and India.

A new sea line was opened between Qatar and India. It has been reported that a new sea route has been opened for direct delivery of goods between Qatar and India. According to QNA official...

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Land And Sea Route By European Explorers

Social Studies iMovie Project.

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2. The Route to India

The second video in the planned series examining the advent of colonialism in India. I decided to take you back 200 more years to give you context of how the sea route to India was discovered,...

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Vasco Da Gama And the Sea Route to India Explorers of New Lands


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India, Bangladesh operationalise easy movement of goods through sea route

India and Bangladesh operationalise an agreement on coastal shipping service aimed at cutting down transportation cost of goods between the two countries.

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Int'l Commerce, Snorkeling Camels, and The Indian Ocean Trade: Crash Course World History #18

In which John Green teaches you the history of the Indian Ocean Trade. John weaves a tale of swashbuckling adventure, replete with trade in books, ivory, and timber. Along the way, John manages...

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Korean company launches shipping service on North Pole sea route 새 해상 실크로드 북극항로로 출항

Click \

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World's Most Dangerous railway bridge -Pamban bridge | Amazing train route in india\

India's Most Dangerous train bridge \

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Indian Ocean Trade Route

Please watch: \

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Saudi Arabia okays India's plan to ferry Haj pilgrims via sea route

Paving way for the Centre to make available a cheaper mode of transport for Haj pilgrims, Saudi Arabia has given its nod to India's plan to revive the option of ferrying devotees to Jeddah...

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Dicovery of sea routes


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India's Influence on the Birth of the Modern World [The Importance of India MOOC 2.0.1A]

Course instructor Nick Booker talks about the age of exploration and the great European powers' desire to find a direct sea route to India. Nick looks at India's thriving trade which can...

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Saudi Arabia okays India's plan to ferry Haj pilgrims via sea route: Naqvi

Saudi Arabia has given its nod to India's plan to revive the option of ferrying Haj pilgrims via sea route to Jeddah, union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said in a statement.

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India considers sea route for haj

India considers sea route for haj.

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Who Found India First?

India's first lunar probe found orbiting moon eight years after losing shipwreck discovered from explorer vasco da gama's fleet. Kozhikode portuguese discovery of the disambiguation jernimos...

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